Friday, 25 November 2011

Petition: Justice for African cotton farmers

Photo by Trevor Leighton

Traidcraft, People Tree and the World Fair Trade Organisation are calling for an end to cotton subsidies which keep African cotton farmers in poverty.
The US government gives its cotton farmers billions of dollars in subsidies each year – amounting to over $31 billion in the last 10 years alone.
These subsidies distort the world price of cotton, meaning that millions of African cotton farmers are unable to get a fair price for their crop and struggle to make a living.
79 countries label the subsidies as ‘deplorable’ and some of them have even been ruled as illegal by the WTO.
Removing US subsidies could mean an extra $250 million for African producers who depend on cotton for their survival.

Click here to sign the petition, which will be submitted to the US Ambassador ahead of the WTO meeting this December.

Read the position paper on cotton and the WTO, prepared by Traidcraft and People Tree, and approved by World Fair Trade Organisation.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Women in Cambodia sweat over the 2012 Olympics

These beautiful images published by Labour Behind the Label and taken by photo journalist Will Baxter show the women workers in Cambodia sewing adidas' 2012 Olympics range.

Beautiful but sad - Labour Behind the Label say these women regularly work 11-hour days and their wages don't cover the costs of living. Read the full article here:

Support the Playfair 2012 campaign by signing a letter asking companies like adidas to create better working conditions for those producing their Olympics merchandise.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

What's your slavery footprint?

Find out how many slaves you have 'working for you' by answering some questions about your lifestyle and possessions on this beautifully designed website. Some interesting facts along the way too.

My score = a shocking 51 - double the average score, apparently.

This is due mainly to my wardrobe - the website doesn't give the option to choose second-hand or ethically-produced clothing, I hasten to add!