Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fast Fash Loses the Plot

Does each edition of Vogue magazine really capture the style vibes of that month? Or is fashion just chasing its own tail?

Poring over my textile-designer friend's copy of Vogue the other night, on the sofa with a hot brew after work, I still felt that sinful surge of desire to own the garments featured on its shiny pages. But it was only after drooling over clothes that I could never afford for ten minutes that I realised I was actually reading an issue from early 2008, over two years ago.
Apart from a couple of faddy things appearing on its pages, lace bodices for example, which were in the shops for a matter of months and worn during brief time by approximately half the female population under the age of 30, I really don’t think I’d have been able to tell.

I thought I should test this theory a little further, so I visited my friend's 'Vogue library', a comprehensive and neurotically immaculate collection of every edition of Vogue since January 2007, to do some research.

And here it is:

Nude jumpers and vest tops? Pretty sure there was a 'nude' fling recently... And a sixties-style monochrome jacket. I could have sworn that was a 2010 thing. This is the January 2007 issue of Vogue.

African-inspired prints, a military style jacket and khaki trousers. Surely these kind of garments have been constantly swimming around in the big fashion soup for the past few years. January 2009's Vogue.

Vogue November 2007.

Vogue November 2009.

Vogue April 2008.

Vogue April 2010.

Not being a hardcore fashion fanatic, no doubt the subtleties of style are passing me by, but still, there does seem to be a fair amount of repetition occurring here.

Vogue is intended for you to read one issue at a time. Sit down to a pile of six, and it all seems a bit much. Has fashion finally lost its way amongst its never-ending innovations and reinventions?