Saturday, 9 October 2010

Fashion Hacking

I spent last Wednesday evening at the first of a regular monthly meetup at Madlab - Fashion Hackers.

The idea is that keen (but not necessarily knowledgeable) clothes-makers meet up, sift through piles of unwanted Oxfam clothing donations and use what they find to create new, upcycled clothing, just for the love. These items are then donated back to Oxfam, which they can then sell in their shop at a better price.

We had a load of bits and bobs such as buttons, zips and transfers, plus several stuffed bin bags full of rejects to rummage through. Being the first time, we only had one sewing machine, which slowed production down a bit, but left time for a natter over beers and brews. Everyone got stuck in, sharing ideas, and after two hours we had a good few 'new' garments conceived.

The only problem I found was that I became quite attached to 'my' dress, so much so that when I finish it off next month I'm going to find it quite hard to say bye...

I do love the idea of this event. I think I'd love it more however, if we took in our own clothes and got to keep the things we'd made at the end. Not just because I'm an addict, but because the purpose would then be to build skills so that people can mend or enhance their own clothes, without going shopping. That's hacking.

Which reminds me, got to get around to reading Fashion Hacktivism by Otto Von Busch...

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